All artworks on this page created in 2009
Line of Polity - Tor Books UK Gridlinked -Tor Books UK Cowl -Tor Books UK The Skinner - Tor Books UK  Blood and Iron ( Tor UK )
Shadow of the Scorpion - Tor UK
The Battle of Koom Valley - Discworld Calendar 2010 - Orion Ltd ShadowKing - Black library (Gamesworkshop) Soul Hunter - Black Library ( Gamesworkshop)
Rynn`s World - Space Marine Battles ( Gamesworkshop)
The Hunt for Voldorius- Spacemarine Battles (Gamesworkshop)
 ORBUS - Panmacmillan TOR UK
 Empire in Black and Gold- (Pyr Books)
The Alchemist in the Shadows - Wilhelm Heyne The Alchemist in the Shadows (Orion Books )   Redemption Corps ( BlackLibrary -Gamesworkshop)
HELSREACH - Spacemarine Battles - (Gamesworkshop)
The God King - finished artwork  - page up shortly( BlackLibrary -Gamesworkshop)
very small detail from picture - The Purging of Kadillus  (Finished Artwork)will be seen 1st on Black Library site..up in New Year.
GabbleDucks - Tor UK ..up shortly
Dragonfly Falling ( Pyr Books ) Salute the Dark (Tor UK) Shadows of the Apt - The Scarab Path - Tor UK - Book 5 ...
 The Dark Commands ( Orion Books )
Blood of the Mantis - Pyr Books - USA
prints for all artwork on this page late October.Click here to go to prints gallery.
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